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Museum After Five

In Conversation: Curating Trauma, Thursday 3 November, 5:30 pm

Join our Education Coordinator Tamas Lorincz in conversation with our Curator Pauline Cockrill discussing the challenges of curating trauma narratives such as the Holocaust.

How do you tell these stories with truth and compassion and yet maintain the wellbeing of not only your audience but also the curator?

Pauline considers the what, how and why these disturbing events can be meaningfully and safely told. This is in light of her experience curating AHMSEC’s permanent exhibition but particularly following her recent visit to several Holocaust museums and memorials in Germany, France and the UK.

Sharing a variety of overseas examples to illustrate the discussion, from controversial VR experiences, digital installations and more conventional interpretive methods, Pauline will also reflect on the evocative power of such exhibitions and how her curating role can also be an important one of healing and social justice. 

This event will appeal to not only those interested in the history of the Holocaust but also those working within the GLAM sector seeking professional development. We welcome participants to join in the discussion and share their experiences.

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