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Museum Sunday Talks

Connecting Distant Stories: Remembering and Reconnecting, 6 November, 3 pm

Join Kathy Baykitch, Centre Director in conversation with museum volunteer, Nick Nash about reconnecting with his Jewish family history and his exploration of the impact of assimilation and choices made about identity.

In 2012, Nick Nash visited his family in England. While browsing through family documents, an article in German caught his eye. Published in the Berliner Medizin in 1961, it was written by Paul Meyer, Nick’s grandfather.

The article and the faded childhood memories of his grandparents have inspired Nick on a quest to uncover his family history filled with rich Jewish connections that have stimulated him to reconnect with his heritage.

Many of Nick’s family managed to escape Nazi Germany prior to September 1939, but his grandparents stayed and survived in Berlin … though only just.

Nick has recently returned from another visit to Germany researching his family, this time visiting a number of towns that are related in some way to his family history.

Handling his grandfather’s medals, entering a tunnel near the Havel where his uncle and aunt sheltered from the bombing and visiting Hamburg to meet the academic who helped start Nick on his quest. These are some of the activities that made Nick’s visit a very worthwhile experience.

Combined with all the people Nick’s been in touch with around the world in his search for family stories, his experiences and memories will make this a talk not to be missed.

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